Want to Quit


…written by ex-smokers for those who want to become ex-smokers

You are about to return to a world you once knew – the world without tobacco – congratulations! Each year 70% of smokers want to quit and 46% try on their own and do not succeed. Quit Smoking Now! provides the information and tools needed to become tobacco free.

No one can make you stop using tobacco unless you want to. You need to promise yourself, right now, that you will keep an open mind and positive attitude about this quit attempt.

Each quit attempt is wonderful for your health and each one is also different from another. Your success in each quit attempt depends upon your emotional state, the impact of recent trauma or setbacks in life, and the amount of stress in your day-to-day routine. Remember, everyone starts using tobacco for different reasons and continues to do so over the years for different reasons. Each will quit in the way that best fits him or her.

If you have enough desire to quit tobacco and are ready to make that commitment to yourself, your chances of success are high. They improve even more when you add these components to your quit effort:

• Supportive friends and family who will help you
• Access to nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) such as patches, gum & lozenges to help manage withdrawal symptoms
• A combination of all of the above!

So, what do you think – is it time to quit? You can do it! Decide that a tobacco-free life is what you want. Accept the help that we are offering to you. Believe that change is possible and get ready for the exciting journey to becoming tobacco free!

Can you believe it is possible? Do you see yourself as tobacco free? Will you believe in yourself and in your ability to succeed? Go and look at yourself in a mirror and tell that person who looks back at you . . .You can quit now!